Company’s Overview

Company name: Denka Performance Elastomer LLC
President and Representative Director: Mikio Shimizu
Plant Site Location: 560 Highway 44, LaPlace, LA 70068
Date operation start: November 1, 2015
Main Business Activities: Polychloroprene Manufacturing and Sales
Employees: 235
Quality Control: ISO9001 Certified
Mission: We the employees and contractors of Denka Performance Elastomer (DPE) at Pontchartrain will pursue these 3 objectives as our mission.

  • Communicate through every action we take, our commitment to excellence in safety, health, and environmental performance.
  • Maximize the reliability of our product supply and our plant and use these to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Make our plant a great place to work, where employees are motivated and want to build lasting careers with DPE.

(as of May 15, 2021)