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Denka Performance Elastomer To Request EPA Act On Updated Risk Model For Chloroprene 03/02/2021
Federal Judge Dismisses A Lawsuit Targeting Denka Performance Elastomer 02/24/2021
Long-Term Study Of Chloroprene Workers Shows No Link To Cancer Mortality 12/14/2020
U.S. EPA Review Of Chloroprene Model Reaches Next Step 08/10/2020
Federal Judge Dismisses Class-Action Suit Targeting Denka Performance Elastomer 06/04/2020
LDEQ Confirms 85% Emissions Reduction Achieved, DPE’s Completion of Voluntary Program 06/04/2020
DPE donates masks, money to assist in the fight against COVID-19 05/13/2020
DPE Working Together During Covid-19 04/23/2020
DPE's Message to Our Neighbors April 2020 04/09/2020
Denka-Performance-Elastomer-Reports-Positive-Employee-Test-for-COVID-19 03/24/2020
EPA Reviewing Model Indicates Significantly Lower Risk Than Previously Suggested 03/16/2020
DPE's Response To University Network For Human Rights UNHR Study 08/16/2019
Denka Performance Elastomer Begins Operation of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)Unit at LaPlace Facility 01/11/2018
Frequently Asked Questions 01/11/2018
Denka Emissions Reduction Project Status Update 11/27/2017
Denka’s Response to Press Coverage (October – November 2017) 11/03/2017
Denka’s Response to Press Coverage (August 2, 2017). 08/02/2017
Denka Holding Statement re Class Action Petition 07/10/2017